Roma Street Scenes: From the butcher covered in blood to the fabulously chic, and everything in-between

Fashionable at every age. Check out the shoes. These fine gentlemen know how to dress.

I have quite a collection of street scene photos from my time in Rome. I find the Roman people to be fascinating. They emerge on the narrow streets from every stratosphere, from every neighborhood and every walk of life. The men are mostly excellent dressers, impeccably chic and effortlessly European-looking. As a woman who casts a great deal of judgment simply by the shoes, the Roman men have the American men absolutely beat.

Neutrals, boxy menswear, and leather bags. Their blonde hair is misleading, but they are definitely Italians.

Black is a uniform color of choice in Rome. In the winter months, I did not run into very much color on the streets. Black boots, black sweaters, black jackets, black bags, and a lot of dark hair. I noticed that Romans tend to gravitate toward the neutrals as well, as these two hilarious ladies exemplify above. They do not think their style is anything exceptional, and everyone who I photographed for purposes of their chic style were always shockingly flattered.

An adorable woman taking a sun bath across from the Spanish Steps.

The butcher, as promised.

This could be a portrait from the 80s with that old car in the background and this tough donna’s wardrobe choices. I especially love the warm pastel colors against the Roman uniform of black and gray.

Blues, khakis, and suede shoes. Don’t you just love him on his bike?

Young Italians go nuts for American chain stores like Abercrombie and skateboard wear like Billabong. That and all of the soccer t-shirts and blue jeans they can get their hands on.

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