Modern Lives Against Ancient Architecture: Rome as seen from the streets

Whenever I watch movies set in European cities such as Rome or Paris, I notice how the director and the cinematographer manage to romanticize the visual elements so well and how often the ‘everyday’ scenes are left out, like the omnipresent graffiti in Rome or the infinite beggars and pickpockets that have no qualms about chasing you down the spanish steps while digging their hand into your purse. Besides these unpleasantries, a beautiful blue-skied day in Rome never failed to make me feel wistful and romantic, and I tried to capture the beauty of the city whenever and wherever I could, careful not to include those pesky cigarettes or the crowded, transient, bus-filled streets that exist in every city- even Rome and even Paris.

Smart cars are everywhere in Rome. Dangerous weaving through heavy traffic is a talent innate to Romans, along with road rage and a lot of hand motions from behind the wheel.

A tourist risks his life to take a photo from atop the terrace of the Borghese Gardens, overlooking Piazza del Popolo below.

A casual bicycle stop for a young couple who enjoy a bit of conversazione in front of an ancient Roman building, most likely not even noticing the colossal history before their eyes as Romans are so used to their everyday surroundings.

A very chic couple pretend that railing is the least bit comfortable (it is in fact incredibly painful for the behind.. I always wondered why they don’t set up more benches) in Piazza del Popolo.

So chic and in love…


Peek-a-boo colosseum

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