Villa Adriana (Hadrian’s Villa): A Private Summer Retreat Turned Outdoor Museum Near Roma

CIMG1507Hadrian’s Villa was constructed between AD 118 and 134 as a private summer retreat. The Emperor wanted to surround himself with the finest architecture in the Roman world, and he did so by recreating his favorite buildings from Egypt and Greece on his 300 acre property outside Rome. Theaters, libraries, bath houses, guesthouses, formal gardens, and more made up this indulgent site, and while today it is mostly ruins, it is quite something if one can use their imagination to envision the Emperor’s personal museum in its hey day.


A long pond meant to symbolize the Mediterranean, hence the Greek and Asian statues


The canopus


The Maritime Theater: a round pool with an island in the center which Hadrian used as his private studio. He enjoyed painting and sculpting.

CIMG1512 CIMG1516 CIMG1525 CIMG1543


Lunch in a small hill town

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