Bonjour Bouchon. Lunch at Thomas Keller’s Yountville Bistro.


Salade d’Asperges. Warm salad of asparagus, piquillo peppers, torn croûtons, and soft-poached hen egg with sauce Hollandaise

A meal at Bouchon is in order for any trip to Napa Valley. Gourmet connoisseurs will agree that the plating at this famed bistro is among the finest. Bouchon sets the bar high, and its modern take on traditional French fare (I spot Quinoa on the menu), and it’s commitment to utilizing Napa Valley’s bounty of farm-fresh food means that the kitchen is constantly challenging itself. The menu itself is French chic; it is as beautiful and absolute as the plates themselves. The first-rate bistro and the attached bakery are two of Yountville’s largest draws. If you do not have time for a relaxed lunch on the patio, at least make a quick stop to marvel at the baked goods. Confections, cookies, fruit tarts, and plenteous pastries… Comment est-ce que les français séjour tellement mince?!



Bouchon’s famous twisted baguette. Almost too beautiful to break.

Tartine du jour: open faced sandwich served with French fries


Flawless Crème Caramel


Croissant aux amandes, mon préféré pâtisserie chaque fois que je suis à Paris. Almond croissant, my favorite Parisian pastry

6534 Washington Street
Yountville, CA

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