Tiburon By the Bay


The road into the town of Tiburon stretches alongside the Peninsula Historical Trail. Residents jog, walk strollers, or speed walk together to the beat of their chatter. Tiburonites are outdoorsy and athletic. They take advantage of their idyllic backdrop. They are chipper and sprightly, and who can blame them? If ever a Mill Valley resident grows weary of woodsy charm, a seaside town is just ten minutes away.


IMG_2378 IMG_2379



Behind the town, private, narrow lanes wind up the hill and reward homes situated along the edges with magnificent bay views; San Francisco is just a leisurely sailboat ride away. As I hug the inside of the steep, curvy road, peeking through security gates and tall shrubbery for glimpses of some of the town’s finest real estate, young moms with blond ponytails and lululemmons glide by, effervescent as they gossip and exercise. A group of six or seven courageous family members and friends walk together, inclusive of one stroller. Obviously they are all accustomed to the sharp turns and deadly drop-offs, a tradeoff for their stone terraces and sweeping San Francisco views. I suppose I could get used to it as well, maybe even grow eyes in the back of my head for the occasional distracted driver.







The town is like a stage set, especially before the summer season hits. Trinket shops, beach stores, and dockside American restaurants are plentiful enough. For coffee and a biscotti, Caffe Acri is a dependable choice. For gourmet food, head back to San Francisco. The selection of highly rated pilates studios and real estate offices is more abundant than the selection of reputable restaurants.




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  1. Hi Annalee,

    Tiburon is indeed a pretty place – have you been there recently?

    Have a good July 4th Weekend!!


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