A Glance at Notting Hill


Westbourne Grove galleries and boutiques. Notting Hill holds dear to its quirkiness and character wherever it can.

Yes, yes, go to Portobello Market. Call it ‘moseying’ if you must, but a walk down this infamous road can feel a bit more disneyland than you likely intended. There are pastel houses and neon doors, and you can tell that once upon a time this was a truly special place, but now it is laden with tchotchki and knickknacks for tourists. You might be able to find the odd original piece if your patience withstands.

My idea of a lovely afternoon is ‘moseying’ around the quiet, picturesque streets that drape across Westbourne Grove, the fashionable main shopping street for Londoners, complete with contemporary and designer stores, home furnishing spots, galleries, and casual eateries. The homes in the area are pastel and pristine, the cafes and eateries plentiful (including the crowd favorite, Ottolenghi, complete with constant queue), and the boutiques are of interest and originality. Venture beyond the main roads; chances are you will discover loads of examples of how the next generation is modernizing their unique northwest neighborhood whilst keeping a firm grasp on its roots and personality.

A rather embarrassing short list of suggestions- admittedly, I need to spend a bit more time in the neighborhood myself…

Ottolenghi, Ledbury Road

Nama Foods 

-Daylesford, Organic Food, Westbourne Grove

-Brissi, Home Furnishing, Westbourne Grove

-Matches, Fashion, Ledbury Road

-Wolf & Badger, Fashion and Jewellery, Ledbury Road


Portobello road

At the start of Portobello Road, paint testing before the crowds thicken.


Quirky Portobello Road


On Portobello Road

Off Portobello Road

Just off Portobello Road


On Westbourne Grove


Off Ledbury Road


Outside Ottolenghi on Ledbury Road; as soon as I left, the queue was out the door as per standard Saturday procedure.


Goodies at Ottolenghi.


Very patient staff at Ottolenghi.


Sublime food and gorgeous arrangements at Ottolenghi on Ledbury Street.

Ottolenghi, Notting Hill

Ottolenghi, Notting Hill


Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill


Inside view at 202 on Westbourne Grove, a shop cum casual cafe.


Pops of color on Westbourne Grove.


Pastel streets of Notting Hill


Where it all began: Ottolenghi Notting Hill


Glorious colors in Notting Hill.


Notting Hill


At Nama Foods in Notting Hill: a vegan, raw foods cafe.


Inside Nama Foods.

IMG_3538 IMG_3541 IMG_3542

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