Trattoria Gargani: As colorful as it gets on Via del Moro


Surrounded by art at vibrant Gargani

One can eat very well in Florence. One can either get lucky and stumble upon something authentic and wonderful, or one can be guided by a well-acquainted Florentine. While staying at the magnificent Villa Cora, the lovely, Florentine marketing director recommended one of her personal go-to’s in the center. Recently renamed from Garga to Gargani, this colorful trattoria did not disappoint. It was such a success that I returned on a separate trip two months later, bypassing the opportunity to try unexplored territory in favor of the hand-painted murals, the creative menu, the convivial atmosphere, and the fun-loving Ivan, direttore di sala, who runs the show. The chef’s padre, Giuliano Gargani, opened the restaurant as a meeting place for artists. Today it is an atmospheric place where patrons can eat well without pretenses, admire Giuliano’s art, and bask in the aroma’s wafting from the kitchen where his son adds modernity and personality to Florentine dishes. Do not miss the burrata with peppery arugula, the anchovy bruschetta and the bruschetta classica, all three some of the best things we ate during our whole trip.

Via del Moro, 48


A most colorful restaurant


Homemade pasta and porcini mushrooms


Murals at Gargani


Fresh and flavorful arugula, tomatoes, and burrata


Reggiano, certamente.



Anchovy toast- one of the best appetizers I’ve ever had


Via del Moro is one of the most authentically Florentine streets in the center.

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