Dreaming of Blue… Costiera Amalfitana

Life is good at Villa Cimbrone

Bella blu… don’t stare too hard, you may grow accustomed to the mesmerizing sea views. Believe it or not, the locals have. How can they barely take notice of the glittering sea jutting in and out of the jagged cliffs, especially as their cars zip around the corners like on a luxury car commercial? How can their eyes graze over the endless blue mass that lays waiting outside of their kitchen window everyday, like an unyielding temptation? They must think we tourists are awfully silly, practically skipping to every vantage point for another photo, snapping away on the bus’s that go nearly as fast as the cars on those deathly curves, smiling like a happy tot every time we get a glimpse of that sea. ‘Oh look, there it is!’ Pointing it out every chance we get. Can you blame us? I mean…. just take a look… Feel free to graze this page whenever you are feeling ‘blue’ in the lesser sense of the word of course, whenever you need a break from your office computer screen, or when you need a reason to return to that office computer screen (to pay for a trip to the Amalfi coast, certo!)

At the end of a hidden pathway in Ravello, I found this vista. A perfect backdrop for a destination wedding, a proposal, or just one relaxing deep breath. Everybody say ‘ohm.’

Sunset in Positano

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