Gardens of Versailles: 40 Years in the Making, Can We Even Call Them ‘Gardens’?

CIMG7099CIMG6936 CIMG6944


Contemplating the path of least resistance

I was so enchanted with the ‘gardens’ of Versailles (honestly they need their own noun) that I raced through the tour of the palace just so that I could pretend I were royalty in the 17th century, taking a leisurely stroll down the intricately maintained paths, appreciating the fountains, the innumerable flowers, and the overall splendor of it all. If only we could do away with all those tourists…
CIMG6952 CIMG6962 CIMG6963 CIMG6965 CIMG7014 CIMG7038 CIMG7041 CIMG7060 CIMG7076 CIMG7087 CIMG7091
CIMG7100 CIMG7106

CIMG7030 Versailles

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