Around the 17th: A Photo Tale from Rue de Rocher to Parc Monceau and Beyond

Serene Parc Monceau at sunset


Mavromattis: my go-to take-out after a day of cooking and eating. A middle-eastern/Greek gourmet food store quite popular with the neighborhood’s chicest locals.

The posh 17th arrondissement is everything I could hope for during my first trip to Paris. It is effortlessly chic in every way- from its fashionable inhabitants and gourmet food stores and boulangeries to its wide Haussman boulevards lined with one magnificent mansion after the next. Flower shops, artisan paperies, and an endless stream of real estate offices dot the neighborhood. It is a leisurely 20 minute stroll down to the Seine and/or Printemps. The district has two of the best street markets: Marché des Batignolles and Ternes Covered Market, where I found the country’s plumpest, juiciest figs and fresh raspberries to accompany my coffee each morning. Parc Monceau is the centerpiece of the 17th, bordered with centuries-old private mansions and frequented by well-to-do Parisians and their trainers. Yes, you heard it here first: Parisians now donn tracksuits and sweatpants and cap off their morning brioche with that strange, foreign concept… jogging.


The famous, long-revered tea destination: Mariage

IMG_0965 IMG_1047 IMG_1054 CIMG5562 CIMG5563


Exquisite mansions bordering Parc Monceau


Parisians crossing Parc Monceau on their way to work

CIMG7189 CIMG7191 CIMG7193 CIMG7208

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