Galeries Lafayette Gourmet: Produce Shopping Parisian Style

The gourmet store at Galeries Lafayette is not just for tourists. In fact, Parisians account for over 70% of the clientele. I equate it to a Grace’s Marketplace, (on 72nd and Lex) or a Citarella. They have pastries, bread, and pâtes galore, but they also have aisles of gourmet store basics and fabulous French packaged goods. There is ready-made Asian food as well as ready-made Italian and to-go salads. One evening, in search of a light dinner after an overdose of extravagant French cooking, I decided upon a ready-made Italian pesto dish. I got to chatting with the English-speaking French woman next to me, who informed me that the Galeries Lafayette Gourmet store is not only bien situé for the working professional to pick up lunch or dinner, but it is also a bon spot to meet a single French gentleman. Perhaps I will stop by more often….

Shopper beware: I learned the hard way that grazers are not allowed to touch the produce. There is no such thing as searching for your own ripe tomato at Galeries Lafayette: the grocers will pick them for you. There are also no pictures or cameras allowed, so these few dismal produce snapshots will have to suffice.

CIMG5576 CIMG5577 CIMG5579 CIMG5581 CIMG5587 CIMG5588 CIMG5593 CIMG5594 CIMG5595 CIMG5596

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  1. Your gorgeous photos make me want to get over there to France!!!!!! Very nice. Your blog is lovely.

    How are you doing? Louise

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