Gérard Mulot: a Parisian Pastry Prince in the heart of Saint Germain


Gerard Mulot’s window display


Gerard Mulot is a celebrated pâtissier, chocolatier, and artisan authentique.

Traitor, pâtisserie, boulangerie.

Sweet, savory, and everything inbetween.

A one-stop shop for those who can appreciate a master at his craft.

My hotel in Saint Germain left much to be desired, but it’s location just two blocks from Mulot’s rue de Seine patisserie was raison d’être enough to stay put and deal with the paper-thin walls. There is a reason why Gérard Mulot has become one of the most critically acclaimed pastry chefs in all of Paris; in fact, there seem to be infinite reasons: artful fruit tarts, architecturally stunning cakes and decadent chocolates, and beyond rich fondants. His ready-made gourmet food options (saveurs salées) are not to be overlooked. Mulot gives the otherwise mundane idea of ‘to-go’ and ‘take-out’ a whole new meaning. In fact, one of my favorite meals during my stay was  at the petit bar in the rue de Seine shop, watching couples, families, singletons, and children of all ages line up for their baguettes, savory tarts, or simply for their favorite nosh. I couldn’t possibly sample as much as my heart desired, but I highly recommend the oceane salad, made with saumon fume, tomates, pomme de terre, avocat, and aneth (smoked salmon with potatoes, avocado, and herbs), as well as the pistachio creme tart layered with figs (major oh la la), and a raisin roll. Scroll through the photos below… you will imagine my struggles when forced to choose between Mulot’s splendors.


Magasin Saint Germain 76, rue de seine

2, rue lobineau 75006 Paris 01 43 26 85 77

Magasin Glacière 93, rue de la glacière 75013 Paris 01 45 81 39 09

Magasin du Marais 6, rue du Pas de la Mule 75003 Paris 01 42 78 52 17


Literally just landed but had to take a snapshot with Mulot himself. First stop: pastry.


Magnificent savory prepared foods.


Too many tourte’s to choose…


A few classic recipes, such as croque monsieur


Works of art: individual specialties and the best fruit tarts in Paris.


Tarte poire at figues. I can attest to the absolute perfection of this sweet, decadent tart, flavored with pistachio cream and topped with fresh figs.


Too beautiful to disturb. The bottom one is the pistachio cream with figues. But I am sure that the strawberry tart is just as divine.


Gerard Mulot’s rue de Seine window display


Works of art at Gerard Mulot’s rue de Seine shop


Specialities at Gerard Mulot’s St. Germain shop


Nothing compares to Gerard Mulot’s displays of Parisian pastries


Mulot’s chic shop on rue de Seine in St. Germain


Gerard Mulot


Gerard Mulot


Gerard Mulot


Take-out from Gerard Mulot. Salmon, pommes, avocat, and herbs. Bulgar with herbs and tomatoes, and a precious raisin roll.


Oh lala… the fruit tarts at Gerard Mulot.


My take-out dessert: dark chocolate muffin/cake miniature, with raspberry and pear soaked into the middle. Magnifique!


Could you? Should you? How many would you?


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