Pre-Spring Pesto: Toast, Vegetables, and Scramelettes get the Dollop.


Simple spring lunches are sweet treasures. Fresh basil, tomatoes, yellow bell pepper on toasted honey grain boule.

Pesto is one of my favorite things to make in the spring and summer. If you take a look at my recipe list, you will no doubt see evidence of this favoritism. I make a big batch once a week, keep it in the fridge, and add a dollop to nearly everything for heightened flavor and sauce. It is the perfect spread on toast, a fantastic addition to salads and lemon juice dressings, vegetables, omelettes or scrambled eggs (or scramelettes- which is what happens when I try to make an egg-white omelette), and of course, as a main anchor for pasta and grains. Oh, I forgot shellfish. I love pesto with grilled or baked shrimp and scallops. Below are a few photos of ways I used up my pesto in simple, fast, healthy lunches and light dinners. Bring on the basil 🙂

The makings of a quick pesto lunch.


Green eggs and yellow vegetables..Pesto makes for an inventive addition to omelettes and scrambles. Here, I added a spoonful or two to an egg white scramelette (omelette meets scrambled) with yellow bell pepper, string beans, basil, and spinach.



There’s toast under there. Toast spread with pesto, no less, and topped with torn basil (don’t cut it with a knife lest you like your basil black), raw yellow pepper, tomato, a dollop of pesto, and cracked black pepper.


Pile it on. Open-faced pesto, tomato, and yellow bell pepper ‘sandwich.’


Another scramelette. This time with spinach, tomatoes, spring peas, haricot vert, and a few chunks of avocado for good measure.


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