Beachside Stroll in Bretagne, France: La Ville de La Trinité-sur-Mer


Owners of seaside homes grow their own grapes and berries on idyllic stone walls. Pick a few en route to the beach.

Brittany, or Bretagne, lures visitors, sailors, and current residents alike with its fretted coastline, unique Celtic history, and its laid back lull and overall placidity. In the seaside town of La Trinité-sur-Mer, just up the boardwalk from the shops and restaurants, stone homes are unassuming and fairytale-like. Residents take advantage of a ‘cliff side’ walk along the water’s edge, and young parents take their children for bike rides on the neighborhood’s beach-accessible roads, lined with manicured shrubs, covetable stone walls, weeping trees and blackberry vines. All you need is a hammock, a good book, and a vintage beach cruiser bike, et voilà- la vie est une plage.


Charming homes along the winding beachfront road, complete with straw fences.


It’s in the details. I love the halcyon white gate-door, the warm colors of the stone wall, the sea-blue shutters, and the winding branches of the fruit trees.


Sailboats at the port.


A private door leads to a secret garden along the beachside path..


One block inwards from the sea, quiet neighborhood roads lined with perfectly constructed stone walls


A stone garage structure with a horizontal-sliding door, painted blue ben sur.


The lush beachside path


Like a painting: meant to look wild but I’m sure immaculately cared for fruit vines over a straw wall.


A boy plays down by the shore.


A wooden gate leads to a grass courtyard.



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