Eaten in March… from Breads Bakery to the Smile to Go to Buvette..


At Breads Bakery, a perilous place to wander into.

These photos have been harboring in my draft box for quite some time. They date back to mid-March, just when the Union Square Greenmarket was beginning to get green again. I present to you: Swiss Muesli Rolls from Breads Bakery, Two Guys from Woodbridge organic micro greens, a not so impressive bagel and lox from Russ & Daughters, coffee and vegan banana quinoa scone from Smile to Go, the world’s best dark chocolate chip cookie with Maldon sea salt- also from Smile to Go, a far too rich banana coconut chocolate croissant from Lafayette, and a thick peanut butter cookie, also from Lafayette. Simply recalling all of the above makes me itch for a long run. The only problem is, I can’t seem to avoid the bakery at the finish line. This finish line ends at Buvette for a lovely dinner at the bar. A divine tian with artichokes, tomatoes, and thyme, and a plentiful serving of cranberry walnut bread topped with noci pesto, honey, and bee pollen. Bon appetit.


Famous Swiss Muesli roll at Breads Bakery. Buy one meant for nibbling and one meant for saving.


Two Guys from Woodbridge is one of my favorite vendors at the Union Square Greenmarket. They have beautiful microgreens, lettuces, and herbs. Pictured here is organic basil and micro arugula. 


The perfect rainy afternoon snack: organic basil, microgreens, avocado, tomato, and celery.


I actually made Russ & Daughters the destination of a morning run. Should I have admitted that? A whole wheat everything bagel from Russ & Daughters with Gaspe nova smoked salmon, red onion, tomato, and tofu cream cheese. Maybe this just isn’t my snack of choice… or maybe I ordered wrong. Either way, I’m glad I can check it off my list once and for all.


Special stop before work one morning: Smile to Go for the perfect cup of Counter Culture coffee, a banana quinoa muffin (which my Vegan friend liked better than I did), and a sneaky, already melting Dark Chocolate cookie with maldon sea salt (hiding in the bag).


Couldn’t help but bite into this one before 10am. Absolutely one of the best cookies I have ever experienced. From the aforementioned Smile to Go.


My favorite spot for an early dinner pour une. In March, the artichoke tian with tomatoes and thyme was a special.


A special request was granted: any more cranberry walnut bread leftover from breakfast? Topped with noci pesto, honey, and bee pollen. A bit of an odd request, I know, but a craving knows no logic.


The peanut butter cookie, which was okay if you are a fan of peanut butter. It doesn’t quite do it for me, and it makes you desperately thirsty. The croissant du jour was a banana coconut chocolate croissant and it was way too rich pour moi. If you are looking for a ticket for the fast track to diabetes, maybe this is a good choice.


Inside the Diabetes-ville croissant du jour: coconut, banana, and chocolate. I think one ingredients is sufficient.


At Buvette in March.

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