Restaurant Roscanvec in Vannes: Imagination in a Refined Setting

Annalee in Italy

IMG_1763 Porcini mushrooms, shrimp fresh from the market that morning, chive flowers, garlic, wine, stock, and blanched almonds

Chef Thierry Seychelles waits for us outside of his restaurant, Roscanvec, early Saturday morning. It is market day in Vannes. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, and friends drag their carts on wheels to the center of the old village. They wait in line at their favorite producers for just-picked lettuce and rustic pints of organic raspberries. Thierry, gentle and soft-spoken, needs a few items for lunch service. He is a gracious guide as we tag along on his Saturday trip to the market. We snap photos on his heels as we meander through the tables, trying not to knock down pints of strawberries as we hurry to keep up.

Thierry says hello to a very old, hunched over woman standing behind her long table of farm vegetables. She is surrounded by crates…

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