Villa Bordoni: Tuscan country chic by two Scots who live and breathe Chianti style

Annalee in Italy

IMG_6225 Villa Bordoni: the perfect size for a country retreat in Chianti

IMG_6237 In the sun-drenched courtyard/garden at Villa Bordoni

The sign said this way, but ‘this’, this narrow, pot-holed, cliff-hanging pathway could not be right. It is easier for me, as the passenger, to encourage the driver to continue, to ignore his white knuckles, and to make sudden gasps and exclamations at the surrounding landscape. My constant “look over there!” is met with “If I do, the car will fall off the cliff and we will BE over there. Are you sure this is right? This can’t be right.”

Alas we see a building and a small parking area, and my companion takes a few deep breaths after putting the car in park and scavenging for his water. Who knew Tuscany can be both a relaxing escape and an adventure travelers’ adrenaline land mine? We were quite determined to find Villa Bordoni…

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