Europe: Before there was me

Cooks on the line in France

I recovered these photos from ancient leather albums that had been neglected in storage for years. The quality is less than stellar, so please forgive the graininess and take them for what they are: memories. My parents did a fair amount of traveling throughout Europe before they started a family, and with an upcoming trip to Paris on the calendar, I thought it fitting to revisit France through their eyes, as seen through my mother’s camera lens in the mid 80s. My father, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, was a little boy in a candy shop at the Michelin-star restaurants dotting the French countryside. Thank you, mom, for your devotion to saving your scrapbook items, such as the original Travel & Leisure article on Eugenie, and the hundreds of photographs that you took.

And then there was me

And the love of food begins..

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