Lunch in a Watermill in Tiny Pont-Scorff, France


Le homard: comme the black soup

Visitors to the Bretagne region in northwestern France do not often find themselves in the tiny town of Pont Scorff, unless they are avidly checking off restaurants in their Michelin guide or perhaps visiting a local glassblower. Nearby the town center, Laurent le Berrigaud’s restaurant, Moulin des Princes, is housed in a historic watermill, once owned by the Prince of the Polignarc family and idyllically situated on the river.

Pont Scorff is renowned for its arts and crafts vibe, a humble meeting place of eccentricity and charm. The restaurant bathroom is an example of this, as it can also be considered a library, with stacks of old books about the region’s painters and sculptors, seasonal fairs, and the history of the Gulf of Morbihan. The bar area comfortably adjoins the living area, with  seating, exposed stone, original floor tiles, and an old fireplace. In the simply designed dining rooms, floor to ceiling windows enable visitors to focus their attention on the tranquil views overlooking the river. If the eye dallies around the room, it might land on hints of the town’s artistic flair, a rotating showcase of local painters.

The dining experience itself is elegant and thoughtful, the staff superbly trained, and the amous bouche aplenty. The menu reflects this balance: playfulness, creativity, and modernism intermingle with classic elegance in Berrigaud’s contemporary take on Breton recipes. On this particular visit, Berrigaud was experimenting with various ways to utilize squid ink, and the offerings were awash in black. Although the insanely decadent chocolate dessert followed suit in color, it was thankfully excused from the theme.


The comfortable patio; the perfect spot for a cafe or an aperitif, complete with blankets in case it get chilly


Simplicity and a tranquil view inside the dining room overlooking the river


Viewing original stone structures inside the dining room


The chef inside the bar room


A jumping fish en route to le Berrigaud’s restaurants


The river running alongside the restaurant


The restaurant, on the left, as seen from a footbridge


A photo of the river from back in the prince’s day


Aperitif on the patio


On the patio


Sorbet, a palette cleanser before lunch


Amuse bouche


An artful presentation


Tagliatelle noires with tuna. Squid ink was the theme of the day.


Tagliatelle noires with cockles and tuna


Tagliatelle noires with tuna


Le sucre: the most decadent chocolate dessert I have ever been challenged with


After lunch: cafe and meringues back on the terrace


Wandering around quaint Pont Scorff


Charming lettre box


Wandering Pont Scorff


A beautiful day in Pont Scorff


Pont Scorff, France


Someone’s private home in Pont Scorff

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