Markt Tour in Versailles: Chef Patricia Boussaroque Introduces Us to Her Boucherie and Annalee Begins a Love Affair with Comte (no, that’s not the name of a chic, pate-eating Frenchman)

Fromage at the Versailles Market

I hide my face behind my hands when I tell my fellow culinary travelers that I don’t like cheese. “Why did you come to France?!” If you have been following my blog, you know that I am a loyal fan of Reggiano Parmigiano in all its rustic beauty, but I have never been one for soft cheeses, or any other cheese for that matter. That is until Patricia, owner of the Versailles cooking school Atelier Cuisine de Patricia, introduced me to Comte. Oh la la. I now like deux cheeses.

Un femme ever so carefully slicing Comte cheese in Versailles

Tasting Comte cheese in Versailles

Le Gall Fromager at the famous Versailles Market

Poulet at the Versailles market

Fresh Fish at the Versailles Market

Shrimp at the Versailles Market

Vegetables at the Versailles Market

Butcher at the Market in Versailles

The world renowned Versailles Market

Now let us change courses. We’ve had our fromage, our poulet, and our poisson. On to the corner boulangerie for dessert.

French Pastries in Versailles

Apple tarts at a Versailles boulangerie

What I can only assume to be Fig Tarts at a Versailles boulangerie

Variations of eclairs, the femme fatale of the Parisian pastries

More stunning fruit tarts at my favorite Versailles boulangerie

The choices are endless at this Versailles boulangerie

The reason why every Parisian frequents the boulangerie everyday: French bread. Also known as God’s greatest gift.

Pain des Gaults

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